Friday, May 22, 2015

Now for the Glazing!

I ran a bisque firing on Tuesday, and was able to open up the kiln and empty it out yesterday afternoon. Hooray! 
I made a few teapots, which are to be thank-you gifts for some folks who have been helping me out on some projects. I'm really pleased with this first result, since I don't make loads of teapots and therefore don't have as much practice on them as I would like.
  I'm hoping these come out of the glaze firing well! I'll have to figure out just the right colors for them.
Of course, the usual Halloween critters are being glazed, too... I've added Hallowbaloo to my show schedule, because sleep is for suckers!
I really like this little guy. He just makes me happy!

I'm feeling my way towards other figurative Halloween-themed critters. A few ideas have been popping into my brain and percolating. We'll see who springs forth!

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