Friday, May 1, 2015

Hauntcast Post Mortem: Ghouls Night Out

The new show drops today, featuring my interview with caricature artist Bob Lizarraga!

HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW:Chris will rent a room at the Bates Motel, order up some room service and invite costume designer Alisa Kleckner over for some finger sandwiches.
MARKETING MORGUE:Dick will wrap-up his cliff hanger “The 13 Ways to re-animate your haunt advertising and marketing”
SHOCKTAILS:Johnny and Chris play quarters while reviewing Zombeavers, It Follows and Backcountry in the Last Bar on the Left.
GHOULIE GROOVES:Burning up the Airwaves The Bloody Jug Band drops tracks from their new album, Rope Burn.
THE BONE PHONE:Jennifer Burns from Dorney Park adds a splash of color to the dungeon.
CHARMED POT:The Mistress of Mayhem lounges with caricature artist Bob Lizarraga in her parlor.
MAD PROPS:We can barely contain ourselves over Joh Farmer’s Zombie Containment Chamber
PROP SHOP:Denny musters up the strength to discuss Fiber Reinforced Plastic
NEWS FROM BEYOND:Rev digs up the dirt on the numerous haunt related cons and gatherings popping out of the ground all over the country.
THEATER OF THE MIND:Revenant takes a side tunnel out of the dungeon and explores the haunt potential of the world underground.

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