Monday, December 21, 2015

The Thrill of Victory --

--And the agony of defeat.
My sieve, and the metal rib I use to push it through
the screen into the bucket of water.
My life is all about the glamor.
So after my adventure with mixing my glazes, it was time to apply them and load up the kiln for a cone 5 firing. Here are some of the results: 
Sometimes, victory is balanced by defeat. I guess it keeps me humble.

Remember that bowl I was working on forever ago? I had layered a bunch of underglazes and carved some flowers into them, revealing the layers.
I'd waited until I had a full kiln load for cone 5 before I glazed and fired it.

Epic fail. Bubbles and all manner of ugliness. Honestly, I should have done some test tiles, first, but... Well. I didn't.
 I guess I have a new planter! Soon, though, I'll have the technique down. I have time to play with it now. 

At least the gifts I had made turned out well! Closer shots of those coming soon!


  1. Sometimes the magic works; sometimes it doesn't! REFIRE!!!

  2. I like crusty stuff an think it Looks great. :0 )


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