Friday, January 8, 2016


"Throw the ball. Please, throw the ball! Throwtheballthrowitthrowitthrowit!"
I figure it's been a while since I posted about my dogs, and you were probably losing sleep, wondering what was up with them!

It's been pretty rainy here in Northern California, so the dogs have felt pretty cooped up. Cabin fever was definitely in the offing! On Monday, there was a break in storm fronts, so I took them around the corner to a local neighborhood park, ball launcher in hand.

Those of you who don't own German Shepherds (you poor, poor dears!) may not be aware that the vast majority of them are ball-obsessed. It's what happens when you have dogs with high prey drives, which is what many, though not all, of the Shepherd lines are bred for. It's what makes them great K9s and Military Working Dogs, along with their keen minds and natural sense of protectiveness towards their families.

My Sam and Coda are no exceptions to the ball-obsessed Shepherd stereotype! Sam is always on high alert, and when he takes after the ball, he pins his ears flat to his head and tears after it for all he's worth! Coda is a bit more relaxed about it, but still does a darn good game of fetch.

Although, they do things a bit differently when they're fetching together versus when they're just one on one with me or Mr. ShellHawk. 

As you can see in the below pic, Coda just wants to chase the dog who chases the ball, in order to be a noodge. She's really not all that worried if she gets the ball or not, as long as he doesn't have it. Kind of like that unwritten Dog Law: All balls are my ball, even if I don't want them!
She's a total nag. And even if he gets it, she'll often just take it from him, and he lets her!

Hopefully, the video will play alright, even though it's not the best clip in cinematic history!

They came home happy and tired, just as it started sprinkling again. That evening and all the next day, it was pouring! I'm so glad I got them out of the house!

Sam is four, and will be five in April. Coda is two and almost a half. I can't believe how quickly they've grown and how fast the time has gone!
Five weeks old and adorable!
All grown up. D'aww!
Face-hugger: GSD edition!
I still can't believe she was this small! She's 91 pounds, now, and
bigger than he is!
How could you not love the German Shepherd head tilt?
Dog snuggles are pretty much the best.
Dogs are just the best, aren't they? 


  1. Great German Shepherd photos! Such wonderful pups! I don't think they loose their energy until a few months before they die.
    When Breezy was 12 our vet asked if she was still active, we said that she had stopped leaping over the couch, but not much else.
    Talk about ball obsessed! Breezy also invented her own game of throwing her ball(s) downstairs and running down to catch it.
    Thanks for the update!

  2. You have beautiful pups! Looks like they had a grand time at the park.

  3. Those puppy ears are adorable!!


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