Friday, February 12, 2016

Hauntcast Post Mortem: Now Slaying!

This month, I got to do an interview with dark artist, Queenie Black of Queenie Pocket Full of Posiez! You can get to her Etsy store by clicking here.
HAUNTCAST: POST MORTEM – “Verbal Diarrhea” is now slaying!
Download for FREE at , iTunes or Stitcher.
HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: John Denley from Boneyard Productions
BONE PHONE CALL: Jen Braverman from Transworld Haunt and Attraction Show
MUSICAL GUEST: The Brains.PLUS: Foolish shenanigans from the Scream Team.
Head over to the Hauntcast website to download this wondrous podcast for free! (Though if you want to donate a few bones, we'd appreciate it!)

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