Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Calvarium

While I was at West Coast Haunters Convention, I ran across a booth with the most gorgeous gothic furniture, all upholstered in original design fabric. I loved it, and if I didn't know Mr. ShellHawk would not approve of re-furnishing the house in entirely spooky furniture, I would have bought out the entire booth!

All of the fabric there was designed by Jeremiah Witting, of The Calvarium. Witting lives in Portland, Oregon (you can tell, because of his ode to Voodoo Donuts on one of his designs), and is both an illustrator and an upholsterer.
This would make a great fabric for my home office chair, which I would
actually buy in order to have this fabric!

 You can find The Calvarium on Facebook or its website, and peruse the plethora of designs at The Calvarium's Spoonflower shop.

Good grief! Now I need to find a chair for my office!


  1. OMG! Beautiful! I must have! Thanks for sharing.

  2. black and red are good combination ...amazing design


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