Thursday, October 3, 2019

Women's Costumes? Sure!

I hate most of the selections of women's at most Halloween stores. I admit it freely.

How much imagination does it take to shorten skirts so they barely cover your hoo-hah and call it a great costume, based on _______ (insert character here). None. At. All.

Look, I'm all for looking luscious for Hallowe'en, but can we get with the program, here, and create some gorgeous looks for women? Is it too much to ask that those of us who have kissed our twenties (And thirties. And forties.) goodbye should have better options than the old sexy Alice in Wonderland? Ugh. 

Let's get with some mystery. Let's get a little sapiosexual, if being sexy is an option.

Let's get smart, alright? Let's leave them haunted by beauty. Let's leave them terrified of your wrath. Let's leave them begging for your heated glance.
Oh, yes, witches. Let's ensnare them, like this mysterious sister, above. A hint of a Moaning Lisa smile is accentuated with that scrummy candy-apple red, right on the kisser. Inexpensive fabric draped over a black hat gives you something to flirt with, the book suggests your study of the dark arts, and those black gloves? What could they be hiding? Claws? Maybe. A rich black velvet coat or loose top completes the look if thrown over black, wide-legged, dress pants.

Anne Bonny, notorious Irish Pirate, gives the opportunity for a comfortable, yet strong character. She was a marauder of the Caribbean way back when women pirates weren't "allowed."
If you're not worried about offending folks, you might consider going to your costume party as the sexy and dangerous biblical character, Salome. Stepdaughter of Herod, Salome once asked for the head of John the Baptist, and got it. Be sure to leave enough room on the platter for your drink!
If you simply must dress like an exotic dancer, consider The Mata Hari, WWI spy. 
If you're fuller-figured, embrace it! Mae West surely did, and she was the toast of Hollywood in her day. 

There are other wonderful options out there, ladies. Please, don't be Sexy Mr. Rogers!

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  1. OMG - sexy Mr. Rogers - I am laughing my ass off. I can't believe that is really a thing!


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