Wednesday, July 22, 2020


This one is reserved, already!
I was happy to have some time this weekend to do some more inlay work and some cleanup/touch-up on the new sugar skull jacks. I got my new underglazes in earlier in the week, and now I get to play with some color combos!
 My dad was also good enough to take some product photos for me. I've had some new items hanging around and not in my Etsy shop, yet, so it was on my to-do list! They sent out some new info on how to best market using product photos, and suggested to the sellers that we include a picture of ourselves with the item we made. Ultimately, I'll post some video, too, but for now, I have this one to start with!
Dad used his little point and shoot, but it looks like I may have convinced him to do some puttering around with my Canon T-3i. Yes, it's an older camera, but as I'm not a professional photographer, I really don't see the need to upgrade when this one work really well and suits my needs. Besides, I have a kiln to save for!
I completed the above pumpkin person over the weekend, too. I'm going to use underglazes on him, too, and see how he comes out of the Raku kiln! Orange and white with black crackle seems like it will be perfect!

I'm going through a period where I'm having a wealth of ideas barraging my poor brain, but the positive part is, I'm keeping occupied through all the craziness going on right now. I have friends in Portland, and I worry about them staying safe through Covid-19 and the Federal interference in our First Amendment rights. Work is still good and the proof-of-concept I've been producing is coming along impressively, so my days are pleasantly full of creativity and new learning! I've never felt luckier to be where I am in my life than now!

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