Friday, July 24, 2020

Who You Gonna Call?

Living in L.A. can be a trip, sometimes. From the strange phenomenon of Angelyne (made herself a human Barbie doll and has a pink Corvette - and is famous for being famous) to the ofttimes bizarre freneticism of Hollywood Boulevard, L.A. is a place where the rich, the famous, the creative, and the weird, rub shoulders daily.

Case in point: this random Ghostbusters mobile! 
I was out running a few errands when I drove by it, and had to drive around the block so I could get some pictures!
It's surely not a surprise to my readers that much of the population of L.A. is involved in the film industry in one form or another. I'm guessing the guy or lady who modded this car is in prop design and building, though I didn't have time to wait around for him or her to show up so I could ask.
In a day and age when nothing seems happy or fun, anymore, running across this was like a small breath of joy, of hope that things will ease up and straighten themselves out.
 Orange County Ghostbuster: I salute you!

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