Saturday, August 22, 2020

Quick Update!

 It's just been busy around the nest and I haven't been able to post for a bit.

The leak in the archives is fixed, new lights have been put in, and everything is patched, sanded and painted. Now what? Put all of it back where it goes. All one hundred fifteen boxes of it! *sigh*

But on the pottery front, it's going alright!

I was happy to get this sugar skull jack-o'-lantern's decorating done, and I'm happy with it! The colors turned out really well and looking at him just makes me so happy!

The pumpkin people need a few touch-ups and clean-ups, but they're looking good, too!
The one above just charms the daylights out of me! I think that this year, more than any other, the jack-o'-lantern faces have revealed themselves to me, told me who they want to be, just like the song by Andrew Gold.
I feel like they're developing more personality, and as my mind frees up, I have more critters clamoring to get out and be sculpted!


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