Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pumpkin Sugar Skull Person in Progress

Step one! Throw the body.
Step one: Throw the body!

I've gotten curious about how the pumpkin people will look with the Raku process vs. regular glazing and firing. Then my creative mind spun off into the key question all creatives ask: "What if?"

What if I do a sugar skull pumpkin person?
Step two: throw, attach, and carve the pumpkin skull head.
Step three: Throw the arms, wait for them to dry a bit and then attach them.

Step four: sculpt and attach the hands.

What if, instead of the white ghost robe I've been doing, I use color, instead?

What if I make it orange with some kind of black pattern or design along the hemline, and maybe elsewhere?

I found this orange just a little too bright, so I layered another orange over it (not pictured, yet). Part of me is considering starting bright from the head and neck area and gradually blending to a darker and darker orange as the color approaches the hem. We'll see how it goes!

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