Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Art of Darkness - The Night Gallery

I have been meaning to post this for days, now, but I've been too busy. And forgetful. What are you gonna do? This is life these days.

Anyhow, the guys over at Creature Features got a nifty project together on Kickstarter a while back. A book of the wondrous and weird! The paintings from Rod Serling's Night Gallery! Yaaaas!

And I got one. In a slick, leather slipcase. Because I deserve it! And? It's amazing! Beautifully curated, with explanations and history, galore! Anyone who is a Night Gallery aficionado will be proud to own one of these.

This is a big deal, folks! Having a compilation of both sculptures and paintings seen in the series in one book is the result of literally decades of sleuthing and hard work. One can imagine that just gathering the appropriate permissions and clearances from NBC Universal for use of the photos and all the artwork, would have been a daunting challenge.

Finding the paintings, themselves, was a major miracle, not least because we only have most of them because of some intrepid dumpster-diving on the Universal lot after the show ended and the studio was clearing out the sound stages to make room for whatever show was coming in.

It looks like there are still some books available at various tiers, so you might want to pop over to the Art of Darkness Kickstarter page to see if you can still run off with one of these beauties!

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