Saturday, May 8, 2021

Playing with Colors

I've been sketching out some new ideas with the intention of using them for my ceramics. A while back, I bought both watercolor markers and alcohol-based markers to putter around with. I'm not much of a sketch artist because I'm very rusty at sketching and drawing, let alone color and color blending. I know just enough to know that I'm out of practice!

Even knowing my current limitations, it's been fun! I've really enjoyed just playing, not worrying about developing a new, saleable, piece of work. I try to do them quickly, without thinking a whole lot about it. I find that I overthink my art if I let myself, so I try to let go of the spectre of making it "perfect," and just let  my imagination roam.

Of course, I do want to improve my technique, so I've started to watch beginner's videos on using Copic markers.

HOLY COW! I had no idea they were so damn expensive! And if you're a pro, you need to buy multiple sets to get the full color range of skin and metal and all the rest of it! I don't doubt that they're worth it, they're just a little north of what I need to spend.

Yeah, for now I'll stick with my little cheapie markers. I've got a new kiln coming, after all!

Meanwhile, I'll keep puttering around with my new little critters and see what they tell me about themselves, and where they take me!



  1. These guys have personality! They will be terrific in clay.
    I do a lot of drawing and sketching. I use aquarelles. Caran Dashe is my favorite brand. They are easily blended with water, or acrylic medium if you want a more permanent drawing. They are available in sets or individual colors. Just thought you might like a variation.

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to making the little creeps!

  2. They are cute little things. I have never heard of copic markers. I will have to look them up.

    1. The brightly highlighted words in the post have links.

      And thank you! I like the little guys, too!


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