Saturday, November 6, 2021

Yes. I got One.

I've got this denim jacket, see. I got it at a second hand store a friend of mine and I went into in Carpenteria. I'd been looking for one, but hadn't found a design I liked, or for the right price. I'd already been collecting patches from various places I'd been, so I could have some mementos of my travels and of my general geekiness.

The Stanley Hotel, where I spent my ten-year anniversary. Hearst Castle. The telescopes on Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Volcano National Park. Point Reyes, where John Carpenter filmed "The Fog."

I bought a few "geek patches." A Hallowe'en black cat. A Browncoat symbol. A skeletal cat. A zombie mermaid.

Then I got some cool patches gifted to me. Cult of the Great Pumpkin. And my most treasured gift: my Boss Film patch, given to my by my current boss in memory of his famous VFX studio.

The pins came, too. Gifts from Midsummer Scream. A gift from Chris and Jeff Davis. The Shamrock masks. Haunted Mansion. Young Frankenstein. Pacific Whale Foundation. A "Choose Love" pin from Penzeys Spices.

Now I've found another pin that I discovered I couldn't live without.

The Xenomorph from Alien. I preordered it from Art of Maquenda on Etsy. Great reviews. Beautiful work. 

It's going to look awesome on my denim jacket!

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