Saturday, December 6, 2008


There's a slice of builders that are the famous "one louder," who have more patience and look to me like they have more money than the rest of us! They're inspired. They're the ones who build their own animatronics.

With the magic of YouTube, we can see a couple of these.

The Bone Tones

Love that! I never would have thought of putting "Helter Skelter" to a barbershop quartet sort of format!

Three axis skull quartet

I have no idea who did the original song. Sort of has that Debbie Reynolds, Singin' in the Rain quality, though, doesn't it?

Here's the final. It looks fabulous!

Perhaps after I become independently wealthy, I can take the time (and the cash) to do this! I guess I'd need a larger Garage of Doom!

Skygodtj has an instructional series on how he built his 3 axis skull here. Hmm, maybe I could do that for the graveyard this year...

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