Monday, December 15, 2008

National Random Image Day

Many of you may not be aware that today is Random Image Day. Declared by the President of Dorkistan, Random Image Day can happen at any time of year, and images on the same posting need not have any theme or thread to make them into a cohesive piece.

Here goes:
Mr. and Mrs. ShellHawk finally made it out into the Garage of Doom this weekend to remove Stewie's arms for the purpose of storage. After much snarling, snapping, growling and howling (on both sides), Stewie was successfully subdued and his arms were removed and stored in another area of the garage. Aside from the fact that they keep escaping their restraining ropes, the arms seem to be unable to do any serious damage while unattached to their owner. Mr. ShellHawk is considering a rope and pulley system to get the rest of Stewie into the rafters and out of the way until next year.
Much to our relief, the doctors say Mr. ShellHawk's eye should heal up just fine, and that my bite wounds don't seem to be infected. Mr. ShellHawk is making rumblings that he and I need to have a "talk" about my creations, and before I start my building for next year. I'm trying to think up a suitable defense, but so far, I've got nothing. After all, I'd be ticked about that whole eye thing, too.
It's been raining here, and snowing in the Sierras an hour or so away. Mr. ShellHawk is an amateur
birdwatcher and has a number of feeders around the outside of the house.
Here are some little Goldfinches having some well-earned breakfast. I can't wait to see what else comes through the yard, aside from the usual scrub jays.

Lastly, our neighbor V's mom and dad brought this lemon with them to the Christmas party on Friday night. Mr. ShellHawk put a face on him and calls him "The Lemon God." Please note the quarter at the bottom left of the picture. Yes, the Lemon God is huge. Mom and Dad tell us that half the tree produces huge lemons like this one, and the other half produces normal-sized lemons. Very impressive! Mom makes lemon meringue pies out of these guys and says they turn out quite tasty.
That's the news from Dorkistan today. I'm off to paint some more and start to get prepped for my Obligatory Family Visit.
Hey, what is that growling coming from The Garage of Doom?

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