Friday, January 9, 2009

A CAT? The blog is written by A CAT?

As I sat on my parents' couch over the Holidays, surfing the 'net on my laptop, I went to the site to search for other Halloween blogs. I made a horrifying discovery.

A cat's blog was rated higher than mine.

Yes, my friends. A C-A-T. By a freaking editor at Blogged. (Don't they realize that cats can't even type?)

I like to think that my ego isn't huge, but, dear readers, I find myself undone by this turn of events.

A stinking cat, named "Halloween," of all things. The blog has nothing to do with Halloween. At All. Hey, I do like cats and have even owned two, but the cat a better blogger? Holy goodnight!

I can understand being rated below the chick with the naked witch artwork. I accept that my blog is probably not sexy to non-haunters. I can understand being rated below HauntStyle, 'cause that blog is fabulous (a word, by the way, I got fired for saying, but I digress...) and has lots of great content to pore over. Creepy Cupcakes outranks mine as well, and that's great. Again, really good content, well written, imaginative. I am 100% o.k. with my rating in comparison to theirs.

But a "cat that showed up in my people's back yard"? I tell you, the madness nevah ends! I mean, is this what America has come to? Pathetic! (Mr. ShellHawk suggested I write this entry in Stewie's voice, ending with, "If you liked this, then please go vote for the stupid cat." I couldn't bring myself to do it, and Stewie's language has yet to be translated.)

I think of all of us Halloween bloggers who work so hard to find cool things to post about our subject. The how-tos of our projects. The research and time that goes into each lovingly crafted post. The struggle with grammar. All of us bested by a cat. It's just wrong on so many levels.

I suppose I've found my New Year's resolution: I just want to be better than the gorram cat.


  1. LOL!

    I have a cat named Halloween (yes, I know) - he has shown no interest in the computer as so much as it is a warm place to sleep. I am not blogging for the stupid cat....although now that you mention it, I did put a bio of Hal (for short) on our who's who page of our site. That is pathetic isn't it? :)

    Now that I mention it, you would be surprised how many people who visited the yard in October asked where he was....way too many people.

    Hauntstyle is fabulous. The word fits.

    Fabulous = fired? That has to be a good story :)

    I support you in your resolution. (BTW- love the Firefly reference, if indeed that is what it is.)

  2. I just did my part to help boost your ratings!

  3. Thanks! I need all the help I can get! :o>


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