Saturday, January 10, 2009

Makeup FX

Found this series of videos on YouTube. If you want to do some good makeup effects on the cheap, you might want to check out this series. While it is pretty fast-moving, you can follow along relatively easily.

And here's a fast, cheap, fog chiller. The only thing to keep in mind is that you really shouldn't put the pipe with the ice right up against your fog machine for safety reasons.

I used Froggy's Fog Swamp Juice for my two 1700 watt fog machines this year. I loved it! Totally worth the price, and I have plenty left over for this year. I was looking at some fog juice recipies on Google in order to maybe save some money, and honestly, I didn't trust them not to be toxic. Paying for pro fog juice makes me feel like I'm not gassing my TOTs to death or causing them horrible respiratory disease.

Lastly, from this same series, is a cheap zombie makeup effect.

I'm glad I found this series early in the year so I can take advantage of the techniques shown. I find it's easier to plan a haunt out way in advance so you don't wind up having to spend all your money for your effects at the same time, and you have plenty of time to troll Goodwill and sales for your stuff.

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