Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fog Chiller Mod

Last year, I built a fog chiller using Got Fog's project plans. I liked the results, but I wanted to tuck my fog machines out of sight this year, yet still be able to pipe the fog into the yard.

I came up with this simple idea. I took a section of dryer vent, which you can extend and bend the way it best suits your situation. I like this, because once you bend it, it stays that way. I then purchased a guide for a downspout, which is also available at Home Depot or Lowe's.I extended the dryer vent and primered it, but used the wrong primer, unfortunately. (That's what I get for not paying attention and listening to the guy at Home Depot, who said I could use anything to primer.) If you try this, be sure to use metal primer.I didn't get around to stripping it and re-primering it this year, but if I had, I would then have painted it over with a flat black paint. The color really didn't wind up mattering this time, as I had it tucked among the bushes so it wasn't too visible. I also took some plastic paint and painted the downspout guide black. I then attached it to the vent with a 4" abs pipe fitting and some duct tape. I duct taped the other end to my fog chiller. I then filled in the gaps on the downspout end with Great Stuff. Below is the result. Not pretty, but effective on Halloween night.
This was all before I saw this video on using an irrigation pipe as a chiller. I might drill a few holes in my dryer vent pipe next year and see how it goes.

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