Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pumpkin Artistes

I don't usually have a lot of real pumpkins in my display, not because I don't like or want them, but because I normally buy a few and then run out of time for carving. In spite of planning to carve the day before, so they're nice and fresh, something else gets zipped to the top of the priority list at the last second, and all my good intentions of amazing jack-o-lanterns go out the window.

This year, I got smart. I unloaded the job on my houseguests!

Yup, under the guise of wholesome, family bonding time, I palmed this time-consuming task off on my dad, sister-in-law,niece, and neighbor's kid. While I heard my dad grumble, "What was she thinking of buying all these pumpkins?!" he pitched in and did some good work.

Here, sis references Tom Nardone's Extreme Pumpkins for her masterpiece.
Niece Hannah has the potential to be a great Halloween nut, and certainly has a future in carving sick and disgusting pumpkins.
Paper mache pumpkin looks on as the graveyard is populated with new and evil brethren...
Here's one of mine. Tom Nardone would be proud as I carved this one in about a minute with a jigsaw and no pattern.
One of niece Hannah's contributions. Sis added some ketchup for that bloody effect.
One of my homegrown pumpkins eating another homegrown pumpkin.
Neighbor child donated the baby doll parts for this masterpiece by Sis and Niece. Eyeball swiped from a string of eyeball lights for the occasion.
A shot of some of the other kinds of pumpkins I made this year and last. I love how the hanging pumpkin pots turned out. I will definitely make more for next year. As soon as I dig out my studio.


  1. I love Tom Nardone's first two books!

    This is the first year I haven't had some sort of puking pumpkin. I ran out of time, too!

  2. ditto for me! rushing about at the last minute, I tossed two pumpkins to my mom and sister, gave curt instructions--"here, carve a scarey face" they came out great and while my relatives moaned about the task initially, they ended up having good fun.

  3. Those are fabulous.....I used to have my family help...I had lots of pumpkins then....now for some reason everyone is busy right before Halloween :D

    Thanks for sharing the great pictures...the doll part one is priceless!!



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