Monday, November 9, 2009

Party Pics

The party went off with only the usual last minute frantic activity. My dad, sister-in-law and niece came for the occasion, as well as two couples from L.A. Dad, the typical stoic Swiss, had no costume. We anticipated this and borrowed a costume from our neighbors fort he occasion. He got into it with only a minimal amount of grumbling, and I think he looked really cute!There's moi, on the left, niece and Dad. Totally threw the last bits of costume together at the last minute. I did love the way the corset from Von Lancelot fit, and opted to leave the sleeves off for this occasion. Next time, I'll use the sleeves and add some other elements.

The witch and hummingbird flew up from L.A. to spend time with us. We just love them!
Harley Quinn, one of my fabulous helpers stopped by for a visit before heading on to Spider Rider's party. The lady in black was also a helper, and looked great in person!

From left to right: Spider Witch, the Golf of Mexico, the Maid, the Hippie Camera Man, and the serial killer. (They look just like everyone else, you know!)
Various helpers and their friends and relatives.
Aviator and Goddess.
Mr. ShellHawk as Dr. Horrible with his bud, the Aviator. I did the paint mod on his goggles for him, and I think they turned out great!
Dear friend as undead cancer patient and my art teacher, who dropped by to see the madness for a few minutes!
Zombie cheerleader and army guy, our friends from the L.A. area.
The Mad Potter of Biloxi and his wife, scarfing down on the home made tamales.

We had a fantastic time. We had maybe four tamales left and only a little of the carnitas meat. Everyone got along great, and my out-of-town visitors graciously helped bring props in that night and helped with takedown on Sunday. Since we left Monday for Hawaii, we didn't want to leave the graveyard up for the neighbors all week. It still seems odd to look out in the yard and not see the graveyard!

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