Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, there seems to be an underwhelming response to winning the new pumpkin pot. I'll change the prize out to an orange one, if you would rather.

If you all really don't like that pot, would you drop me a comment and let me know what can be improved? Is it the glaze or the face? Honest constructive criticism is welcome.

I'm not fishing for compliments; I was considering doing Raku jack-o-lanterns to sell, but if there's no interest, I don't want to waste my time or resources. Consider yourselves my test market! Thanks!


  1. I really like both the face and the glaze on it. :)

  2. I love it. In fact I was going to ask you if I could buy one after the drawing!!

    I will post your contest on my blog and see if we can get some people over your way.


  3. No no, it looks great really! The color is very nice too. In my case, I just didn't had the time to enter the give yet. I planned to enter yesterday evening but my internet connection was down... If my connection has return to normal, I will enter the giveaway this evening, I promise! :-)

  4. I actually LOVE the finish on this one. Gives him a sense of being old or moldy or rusted.

    Not too crazy about the X for eyes, but that's a personal preference thing. There's nothing wrong with it.

    You never know what people will like until you put it out there.

    For example, some of my LEAST favourite Underbiters were the FIRST to sell when I brought them to my shows, and a couple I was sure would be snapped up stayed untouched by buyers for a long time.

    I'd experiment with a couple of looks before you ditch an approach all together.

  5. whoa, I love this guy! its just that I don't do twitter and facebook, so figured I couldn't be in the running! I have a blog but that's it! but just so you know--I think he's great--do you plan to put these guys on ebay/etsy?

  6. I've got two or three entry spots. one for the comment and another for blogging about it. I'm not sure If I'm a new follower or not but I'm hoping.

    The little pumpkin is awesome and I would Buy one for sure.

  7. Thanks, All!

    Pam, all you have to do is comment to be entered. I'll throw everyone who commented here into the pot, as well. I really appreciate the input.

    I swear, I really wasn't fishing! :o)

  8. I just wanted to comment that I didnt enter because I have already won one of your amazing pieces, and didnt want to win again and be greedy... I'm sure blog reading is a bit slow this week, once people see it, they will be coming out of the woodwork! ;)

  9. I love the look and feel the finish gives to this piece.

    Maybe everyone else is just "speachless" ... doesn't mean they don't LOVE it!

    I wouldn't give up on it just yet, maybe do a few more in different colors.

  10. The Frog Queen sent me over here, and I'm so happy that she did!

    I love the earthy uniqueness of your JOL. The finish and the facial features come together to present a primitive, dark grittiness that is quietly commanding. That it is part of the living, breathing soil from whence it came.

    Well done!!

  11. I know I would buy these. A couple with different faces put together would look really cool!

  12. I read (well, lurk at) the Frog Queen's blog and was directed over here. I absolutely love your pumpkin.
    The finish is beautiful. I'm not generally a huge fan of the Xs for eyes, but I think they work really well here. :) To be entered, do we need to comment on both entries?

  13. Hi, Toni-
    Comment on this post will do. Thanks for checking in!

    Suzie- Glad you made it! I'll throw your name into the hat!


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