Monday, May 30, 2011

At Last, the News About Hauntcast

From the desk of Chris Baker:
So, here is the big news;
1. We are redesigning the web site for easier navigation.
2. New episodes of Hauntcast will now be available on the first Friday of the Month not the last. HC34 airs on June 3rd.

3. Moving forward the show will have a PG13 rating.

4. The new episodes will once again be offered FREE!

If you know any vendors that should advertise with us please send them an email and let them know we are looking for advertisers.

Spread the word.
So, guys, that's it! After much debate about the future of the show (including shutting the whole thing down in November), we decided to air the show again for free--so we want no complaints about all the commercials, see? It costs money to pay for bandwidth, and since we had over 12,000 downloads last month, and we're not even into the busy season yet, it's going to take money to keep the site up and running.

Chris is taking care of the people who have subscribed, since they've proven themselves to be truly supportive, hard-core fans of the show and deserve to be kept in the loop and happy. (And we love you guys for being supportive!)

It did come to Chris's ears that maybe the show was a little bit racy for some who like to listen while their kids are in the vicinity, so he and I are going back through our old episodes, one by one, and are editing out or bleeping the more adult content. From here on out, the show will maintain a PG-13 rating, which is probably what you're used to listening to on the average FM radio morning show.

The new show comes out Friday, so give a listen to it if you haven't for a while. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the changes happening!


  1. I'm just glad you guys will still be around. Keep up the good work.

  2. Looking forward for the new website design. Long live to Hauntcast!

  3. I am so glad the show will go on.

    Here is to the future!


  4. I really appreciate that changes are being made to accomodate what the audience wants. Going back over old episodes to edit them- that's really going beyond!
    Has any thought been given to naming the episodes in a more practical manner? Like, "The one with Ironman" and "The one with Lesley Bannatyne" know, so we can track them a little better?


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