Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger Sucks, Sometimes

I had this post up for a little bit about the great shirt migration-and then Blogger went down for nearly twenty-four hours. They mentioned they had had to delete some posts, and they were sorry, etc., but now I need to figure out what I put up this week that they took down, since there isn't even a copy left in my drafts. The great shirt migration seems to have disappeared for good, and it actually had a little prize in it for those who were paying close attention... So here goes:

So, every year, twice a year, the great tops migration happens in my house. Winter sweaters come down from the attic and the t-shirts get put away. In late spring, the t-shirts come back out and the sweaters and warm things go into the attic. It works out well, and keeps my drawers and closet from being too cluttered.

Sometimes, getting out the t-shirts is a little like Christmas. I sometimes forget what I've put in storage. So when I pulled out this nifty piece of Davis Graveyard schwag, I was delighted. I'd received it a little late in the year to be able to wear with out being chilly, so I stuck it away for this season. Can't wait to wear it!
This one here is a little piece of cinema history, I suppose. My dad worked on Conan II at the same time as he worked on Dune, and I've been schlepping around this t-shirt ever since. (Bummer I lost the Dune t-shirt somewhere along the way.) Of course, in 1983, when he brought home the shirt, I weighed ninety-eight pounds-a weight I won't see again anytime soon (nor do I want to!).
One of my new favorites: my Sleepy Hollow Polo Association tee, from Crazy Dog T-Shirts. Crazy good sale on right now-$6.99!
One of my favorite dark little shops in Burbank, California: Dark Delicacies.
Why pink? Because a girl can only wear black so long before she wants to create an opportunity for a funeral to attend. Why a skull? Because. Just-because.
"Dear Buddha Please Bring Me a Pony and a Plastic Rocket." A serious favorite for me. First person who can tell me the quote (without looking it up on the Internet-scout's honor!) gets a mini-ghost.
And lastly, the old-school Hauntcast t-shirt. I love this old thing! I got it when I first started working on the show.
BTW, Chris is taking pre-orders for Hauntcast hoodies, men's t-shirts, and babydolls. Take the opportunity to support a podcast which has original, (mostly great) content! After all, if you want to watch Trueblood or Dexter, you gotta subscribe to Showtime, right? Otherwise you're stuck with crap like 2 1/2 Men. So subscribe to Hauntcast and get cool stuff.

Anyway, shortly, I'll be back with an update on the Great Puppy Saga of 2011. I totally know you've been rabidly following that aspect of my life and can't sleep for the suspense! ;oD


  1. It was down for a long time. Just wanted to say I saw your work in a booth at the West Coast Haunters convention. :o )

  2. I knew the movie, but couldn't remember the name of it ;)

    Where'd you get the shirt with the quote? I quite love it.

  3. I had three posts(over two blogs) and some additions to the links and tags all removed and not replaced. Yes, sometimes, Blogger sucks like a Hoover. But it's free.
    And wasn't that prayer from Capt. Reynolds?

  4. Love the Conan shirt. I believe it's drawn by William Stout (his style and signature font). He was the concept illustrator on both Arnold Conan films. And on a Halloween note, probably one of the greatest zombie artists in the world.


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