Saturday, January 14, 2012

1959. It Was a Very Good Year

Marvin Pasley, funeral director and hearse buff, restored this stunning 1959 Cadillac hearse to its original glory. For those of you who wonder why the body style looks a little familiar, it's the same model used for the Ecto-1.

The full details are in this article in The Post and Courier.

Big hat tip to Amy the Hearse Queen of Grim Rides. Check out the Grim Rides Facebook page here and Amy the Hearse Queen's Facebook page here.

I hope to meet her one day. Seems like we'd get along like a house on fire!


  1. Man o' man would I like to have that. Love that body style.

    Why can't I find something like that......

  2. It's too bad that they aren't making these anymore. They are moving towards SUV's.


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