Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Farewell, Season of Shadows

You've undoubtedly heard by now, John over at Season of Shadows has made his last post

He has undergone a rare combination of medical challenges that, God willing, none of us will ever have to endure, and I am so very sorry he has had to endure them.

John was one of the first to become a follower of my little blog. He was one of the first to post about it, and we emailed back and forth a couple of times. I loved his posts and really admired the fact that he loved Hallowe'en enough to have a live feed to his Garage of Doom when he was building props. John Wolfe is a guy who loves him some Hallowe'en!

So, even though he'll probably never be able to see this post, I want to thank him for all of the support he's given to the Hallowe'en community over the years. As Revenant of Hauntcast used to say, John keeps the ghost light burning, and those of us who were lucky enough to share that light will miss him deeply.

Thanks, John. Blessed Be.


  1. Speechless. God bless you John, and be with your family. Hope you can rest, and drink your fill, when you exercise that Fourth Option.

    This Hallowe'en may be missing your body, but it will have your spirit abounding.


  2. Jayson and I are sad beyond words. That was such a hard post to read yesterday. :(

  3. It was heartbreaking and in some way comforting reading that final post. I do wish he'd left the comments open. Even if not able to reply he and his family would no doubt appreciate the kind words from other Halloween enthusiasts.

    To borrow from the great bard Alice Cooper: "I'll keep my Jack-O-Lantern light on for everyone tonight."

  4. John's post was beautiful - I was fighting tears while reading it! Peace to him & his family!

  5. When I went to bed last night and cuddled up to Mr.ShellHawk, I couldn't help but give him an extra squeeze and thank God/Goddess/Whomever was listening for our health and all the blessings we enjoy right now. He and I have been very lucky in so very many ways when many people are going through some very tough times.

    I hope I can face my ending with John's kind of grace and dignity. If I happen to run into him on the other side, I'll let him know, in person, what an inspiring guy he was to me in life and in death.

  6. Um. No I had no idea about John. This was a phenomenal post to write. I'm so glad you did. My thoughts and prayers are with John and his family. I hope he knows he has a lot of people rallying for him. Or at least feels it somehow.

  7. Hello ShellHawk, my name is Goldie and I'm the moderator of SeasonofShadows plus a very close and best friend to John. I was just telling Pumpkinrot how thankful I am that he wrote a post about John and his last posting. Then I found your site and was doubled pleased that you also posted something about our beloved John.

    John is the most amazing person, spirit, soul, human being than I have ever known all of my life. Depression has overcome my months lately and I try hard to snap out of it because I know that's what John would want but I cannot do that right now. He loved Halloween, he loved his baby...SeasonofShadows greatly and he absolutely adored ALL of his beautiful Halloween family. Please he wants everyone to know that he is beyond touched by all of our love, thoughts, prayers, meditations and intentions for health. He misses everyone so very much and what he would give to be back in his workshop finishing up Little Grim. Sadly, creation has other plans for his spirit now and he can feel it that strongly. He wishes everyone the best in life and that we all celebrate Halloween like we never have before!

    Lastly, I know how much you all want to say something to him so I'm passing out one of my email address so his Halloween family can send him an email that he can read. I'll print them out of course since he cannot sit at the pc anymore but he reads like crazy! So if you and your viewers would like to send him an email please send it to: and I'll print them out and make sure he gets them. I'm certain he would be touched beyond tears. Thank you again for your beautiful posting on him and Autumnforest will post his dedication on the day of his passing. Sorry for the long post and thank you for your patience. Have an excellent day :-)

  8. I'm truly at a loss for words. I wasn't aware of John's condition, and reading his dignified account is truly touching...and heartbreaking. John will be in my prayers in the days to come.

  9. Even though I have never conversed with John of Season of Shadows, I will do my haunt in all red lighting this year. To do it for one of the fellow haunters....

    John, keep strong and slow down to enjoy life. God bless you and he is in control now.

  10. I heard about John's situation last night deeply saddened me... My illness is also terminal ...but hopefully I still a have a few years of "good" health before it gets to the point where I will be bedridden.. So I try to make the mot of what life I have... John has been a real trooper and a brave soul ..I hope I can do as well as he when my health is at its worst... My blessings to him and his family and loved ones...
    ...Dr. Theda

  11. Hello everyone, just a quick update while it's still online; John was well enough today to post some thoughts of his on the SeasonofShadows chat box. Please hop on over to SoS and read his comments before the chat box erases what he's said. He deeply appreciates everyone's love, thoughts, prayers and good intentions and he's at peace with his coming transition. Thank you everyone for your very loving letters to John as he's most overwhelmed by the kindess of our Halloween family. Thank you to everyone :-)


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