Friday, January 4, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Wannabe Hawaiian, Christmas Ape, at the Nakalele Blow Hole on Maui.
Confession time: Hawaiian music? I freaking love it. Whether it's in the Hawaiian language or in English sung by a great big Hawaiian guy (he happens to have passed on to the great Luau in the sky, so maybe that's sort of topical to a Hallowe'en blog...), I am a total sucker for it!

Since I've been listening to this music off and on since I got back from our fantastic Hawaiian vacation (in which Mr. Ape, above, made BFFs with a real dolphin), and I know many of you are stuck in snow right now, I thought I'd offer you a moment of paradise.
Sunset on the Big Island
Someone was thoughtful enough to put together an Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole playlist on YouTube, which I think is full of all sorts of fabulous. Just between you and me-please don't tell  anyone; it would totally ruin my reputation-his voice is so beautiful that some of his songs just bring tears to my eyes! (If you spill the beans, I will totally deny it, as I am a Hallowe'en person, and a completely bloodthirsty and not at all sentimental or sappy in any way imaginable!) I am also once again amazed at the difference in appearance vs. voice. You would think this man would have a basso voice to rival my beloved Thurl, but no!

There's another great Islander and very talented guitarist by the name of John Cruz, who is fairly legendary in the Islands and massively underrated everywhere else, as far as I can tell. I just made a John Cruz YouTube playlist with a few of his tunes for you to get a sense of his talent.

I'm thinking about getting a Hawaiian language learning thingie so Mr. ShellHawk and I can learn it and talk smack about just about anyone without their knowing about it. Of course, then, we wouldn't be practicing Aloha (I'm pretty sure it translates to, "Don't be an a-hole"), which would make me feel somewhat guilty--unless you really, really deserved it!

I really am ready to head back over there for just a week or three... I'd move there if I didn't have to put my dogs in quarantine for six months. And if I could afford it. And have a gas kiln.



  1. We are already very excited to visit Oahu, Maui and the Big Island this coming April and by the way we are in the San Francisco area from April 30 to May 10, 2013. Maybe we have time for a drink or two... in Folsom ;-) Greetings from your Swiss cousin


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