Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January, 2013

Image via BFI.
Hitting the ground running is the goal this week. January, the traditional start of planning and resolutions, is here, and I'm running with it, in spite of the cold. (Though there are no blizzards here, as in the above pic...)

I have my home office to clean up and organize, clothes and Christmas to pack away, a studio to clean and organize, a sculpture to work on for a fine art show. Oh, and I have to track down both fine art shows and craft shows to get into!

Maybe this will be the year I get into Halloween and Vine. (Oh, yeah. One more thing for the to-do list: develop a more folk-artsy style to get into Halloween and Vine.)

It's actually amazing how many of my goals keep rolling over into the next year. And the next. And the next. Some of it, I admit, is not putting it on the calendar and saying, "On this day, I will do this." And as we all know, goals are not achieved without either a schedule or a plan in place. So that's going to be January for me, along with getting everything together for taxes and mundane house stuff.
Sam's first trip to the snow, with friend Josey behind him.
And then, there's Sam. He's a teenager now, and is in that stage where he thinks rules don't apply to him. Additionally, he's got some fears that I haven't been able to eliminate yet, and is due for some more trainer time. He's overdue for some long walks, on which, if I get cleared by my doctor (in addition to the broken toe and twisted ankle last year, I fell hard on my knees and now have a popping sensation in one, every time I bend it! Joy.) I will start taking him again. He has far too much energy to be cooped up in the house, and needs a firm dose of Cesar Millan's mantra: Exercise, discipline and affection, in that order!

Once again, I'm convinced I need to be cloned in order to get everything done. Did I mention that balance is on the list, too? XP

Whatever your resolutions or goals may be, I wish for you the gumption to sit down and list them out, and start checking them off, one by one.

Happy New Year, everyone! May it be a lucky 2013!

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