Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chris Ape Celebrity Photo Contest

Christmas Ape, kicking it with pal Jack Nicholson at the Overlook Hotel.
And I really hope that a bunch of people enter into this with the spirit I intended! (That's a plea. Don't leave me hanging!)
It's been quiet here in Halloween land, with not many comments and not much going on, so I thought I'd insert some mid-Winter silliness into a dull season...

My readers know of my dear friend, Christmas Ape, a.k.a. Chris Aype or just Ape, who flies around the world with us and gets his picture taken in the coolest places. Great fun, right? There's only one problem:

Ape has no celebrity photos.

He almost did. Twice, in fact. Once, over Christmas, with Joe Mantegna, and once with Jon Favreau at Monsterpalooza a couple of years ago.

I chickened out, both times. I just couldn't walk up to either of them and explain the magic that is Ape, and ask for a photo for his Facebook page. And I really wanted to, because it would be awesome!

That's where this contest comes in. Chris has requested that I get him into some pics with celebrities, and I thought that given my lack of spine, Photoshop might be the answer. I figured that if this guy could Photoshop celebs into his party pics, someone could Photoshop Ape into a celebrity encounter of some kind.

So there's the contest. Grab a picture of your choice of Christmas Ape off his Facebook page (or you can search this blog) and give him his celebrity picture! He could be chatting with a supermodel, giving advice to President Obama, having drinks with Mila Kunis, skiing with Vince Vaughn, or whatever fun situation you can dream up for him. The celebrity can be living or dead. Use your imagination! You can create and enter as many pics as you like.

Mr. ShellHawk, Ape and I will narrow entries down to the top five, which I'll then post here for a reader vote. (Aren't I an optimist? I'm assuming I'll get more than five!) The deadline for entry will be February 18. The top five will be posted by February 22, when the voting will start. Send all entries to me at shell hawks nest at ya hoo dawt calm. I hope you can figure out the email address from that!

So here are the rules:
1) No naughty pics. Suggestive, o.k. Porn, not o.k.
2) By sending these pics to me, you agree that I can use them in whatever way I choose, including posting them on Facebook or making millions in a tell-all book. (Like that would ever happen...)
3) You must name the celebrity with whom he is pictured. (Because I just don't know them all!)

Extra credit for the story of how Ape and his celebrity ended up in the situation pictured. Keep it short and sweet. The cooler and more far-fetched, the better. 

What do you win? I'll tell you!

First Prize is one of my jack-o'-lanterns. My choice.
Second prize is a trick or treat bag with a softcover edition of  Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living and a copy of  Make: Halloween Special Edition.
Third prize is one of my mini-boos.

Please spread the word! Tweet it, blog it, Facebook it. The more, the merrier, and I might start posting entries in the intervening time before the contest entry period is over.

Let's have some fun with this, gang!

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