Friday, February 15, 2013

Warm Valentines

Click on the pic for the trailer
Last night, my husband proves that not only does he know me well, but that he loves me, anyway! 

He planned out a nice Valentine's evening; McDonald's and a bottle of red wine (with two paper cups!) that we sneaked into the movie theater. Afterwards, we headed over to Chops for appetizers, dessert and some nice port.

The movie? Warm Bodies! A zombie romantic comedy? Well-played, my darling husband!

If you're looking for some fun, I'd recommend you take some time out to see it. Yes, willing suspension of disbelief is a must (like, how do they start cars eight years after the zombie apocalypse???), but if you're willing to be entertained and not pick at technical details, you'll have a great time. There were some great laugh out loud moments, and I got to see a couple I believe to be the only Goths in Folsom as an added benefit!

Have a great weekend, kids!

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