Friday, February 22, 2013

Today marks the end of the Chris Ape celebrity photo contest. While I did hold out hope for a bigger response, the entries I got were clever and fun--and Ape approved. 

Here are the entries, both from lurker Lyndsay:
Pictured here is the mysterious Chris Ape who was the original King Kong until his scandalous affair with a well known actress at the time forced him into seclusion. He is seen here in a rare publicity photo with Fay Wray and Robert Armstrong. It was said Fay was inconsolable for days after he went into hiding.

While wandering the halls of the posh Plaza hotel Chris came upon Robert Englund and Jason admiring a rather dull seascape painting. Emboldened by the banana daiquiri he had consumed at the hotel bar Chris joined the duo and asked if they would like to join him for a drink. Chris awoke the next morning with a fierce hangover and this picture on his phone from Robert Englund. It was simply titled "Sweet Dreams and we'll see you soon".

Since Lyndsay is the only entrant, she wins all three prizes:

First Prize is one of my jack-o'-lanterns. My choice.Second prize is a trick or treat bag with a softcover edition of Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living and a copy of Make: Halloween Special Edition.
Third prize is one of my mini-boos.

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