Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Jack Season is Creeping In

Jennifer A. contacted me through my ShellHawk's Creations Facebook Page and asked if I could make a certain pumpkin royalty jack-o'-lantern for her. Of course, I said, "YES!"
It took me a while to get to him. I had a bunch of stuff to clear up before I could get him thrown on my wheel. I made him a few friends, too, so he wouldn't be lonely in the kiln.

I had to fire him twice, because I just wasn't satisfied with him the first time. The finished guy is in the above picture, on the far left. I got him wrapped up and shipped almost as soon as he cooled. 

Now, not only was Jennifer patient about waiting for jack, she was even kind enough to send me a picture of him all lit up!
That's definitely going into the "My Pumpkins in Their New Homes" photo album on Facebook! Looking at that album is definitely a "ShellHawk's Jacks Evolution Through the Years" kind of thing. Wow, has my style changed!

Next up, making some goodies for West Coast Haunters Convention. After the El Dorado Hills Art and Wine Affaire show next weekend, that is! (You know it's high class, because it's got that "e" hanging off the end!) You are coming out, right? :)

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