Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Halloween Home Haunts at West Coast Haunters Convention!

Click on the pic for the trailer!
I have been silent here for a few days because I've been feverishly working towards the West Coast Haunters Convention! I was, for the most part, cleaned out of my Hallowe'en ceramics last year, so I'm trying to have some stock to take up and sell while I'm pimping Hauntcast.

In the midst of this preparation, I got an email from Kasey Roberts of the West Coast Haunters Convention (she coordinates the speakers and is Ed Roberts' wife and supervisor! ;)), saying that Jonathan Morken of Apprehensive Films would not be able to attend the convention and introduce his new documentary, Halloween Home Haunts, at the premier screening. Would Joel Watson of Heartstoppers Haunted House and I mind doing it?

Would I mind? Of course I'd do it!

Attention whore? Me? Yes!

Kidding aside, I'm very honored to have been asked, and super honored to sharing the duties with Joel Watson. I just can't believe it's next week, already!

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