Tuesday, January 28, 2014

28 Years Later

 Blog buddy Michael Cathcart (The Skull and Pumpkin blog) and I were Facebooking back and forth about being in school the day of the Challenger disaster. How quiet it was in my school, because of the tragedy, yes, but also because one of our teachers had been an alternate for teacher Christa McAuliffe. He told me how many people were crying at his school, and that the school just sent everyone home.

In spite of terrible, terrible accidents such as these, there are people out there brave enough to continue to look outwards, into space, and to continue to fight ignorance and budget cuts in order to reach for other worlds. I'm deeply grateful to them for their sacrifices and their vision.

I may not see humans on Mars in my lifetime, but wouldn't it be wonderful?

Click here for Challenger news today.

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