Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rough Week

I got a call on Sunday morning from my dad, one I'd been expecting for several years, now. My grandmother passed away on Sunday morning, at the ripe old age of 104 1/2.
While I'm sorry she's gone and I'll miss her forever, the flip side is that I was so lucky to have her for so long. She was the true embodiment of unconditional love in my life, and that's something that most people don't to get to have as part of their family life.

My dad, Oma and Opa (Grandmother and Grandfather) in Venice, 1938 or so.


  1. So sorry for your loss. What a life she must have had! Wow!

  2. Sorry to hear it. The things and changes she had seen throughout her life had to be incredible.

  3. I am sorry for your loss. The photograph is beautiful.


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