Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Herp Nation

One of editor Sam Bacchini's babies during its hatch
I wanted to give my friend, Sam Bacchini, editor of Herp Nation, a quick shout out today. 

Sam's been a friend of Mr. ShellHawk's and mine for years, now. Mr. ShellHawk met him through work, which is environmental consulting. When you're in that line of work, you run across all sorts of neat scientist types, such as fisheries ecologists, botanists, entomologists and herpetologists. Sam is a herpetologist, and as such, studies amphibians and reptiles. He also is licensed to breed them, but that's another story!
Right side foreground: Hosmer's Skink, photo taken by "speedy" in Australia
 I thought I'd share this with folks here in the event they're amphibian fans. Mr. ShellHawk brought home a copy of Herp Nation the other day, and even though I'm more of a dog person, I really appreciated how well put together this magazine is! The photos are absolutely gorgeous and the article are as informative as you'd expect from this kind of journal. I went to the website and found out they even have a podcast for those who can't get enough of their passion for herps.

Good job, Sam! Keep up the good work!

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