Saturday, March 29, 2014

Four Days Left!

Just four days left to support a small business and craft brewery getting its start! Here's the video, plus below, I'll include details of the goodies you can get at different levels of support. (I really want them to change their tag line to: "Oak Park Brewing Company: Because life's too short to drink cheap, domestic swill!" But no word back, so far...)
"We started brewing at home in Oak Park. Our commitment to the Oak Park neighborhood and its redevelopment has earned us some great press. All of our fans are excited to see us open.  We believe that our brewery will be a significant contribution to the revitalization of Oak Park, and your contribution helps make that happen."
Brewer Tom Karvonen meeting Sacramento Mayor
Kevin Johnson
We also have a Beer Connoisseur reward package.  You will get special Oak Park Brewing Company Connoisseur t-shirts, access to VIP events,  - including release parties for our limited-release barrel-aged ales and sours, but most important of all... you'll be served in a special Connoisseur Glass when you're at the brewery so people will know you're part of an awesome group of Oak Park Brewing Company Supporters.
We will also have a VIP Grand Opening Gala at our brewpub.  Contributing at this level gets you into the event, where you will mingle with other supporters, get the chance to taste all of Oak Park Brewing Company's initial releases AND be the first to try our gastropub specialties.
More rewards are listed under each donation level.
 Thanks for supporting these folks! It's great to see these craft brewers raising the bar!

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