Saturday, August 23, 2014

Help for Haunters

If you're part of the haunt community, which many reading this blog are, you probably know both The Davis Graveyard and Cliff Allen.

Well, the folks over at Davis Graveyard need some help. Both of them lost their jobs, one three years ago and one a few months ago. They've been searching hard for work but nothing has come their way as of yet, and now they're at risk of losing their home.

The home of the Davis Graveyard.

Chris Davis did a post about it a few days ago. You should go here to read it.

Anyway, fellow haunter Derek Young started a Go Fund Me campaign for them in hopes of raising enough for them to have a little breathing room while they continue to look for work. If you can spare it, please click on the highlighted, italicized text and donate to them. THey've done so much for other people and for good charities, it's about time someone helped them out.

Cliff and Jen Allen have had similarly bad luck. Cliff had been running a pro haunt and making good money--until it wasn't there any more. (I don't know what the details are, so don't ask!) They lost some family members, and then their home, and things have been pretty darn stressful for them. They need a deposit on an apartment and have a fundraiser going for them and their rescued pets here. Again, if you can donate or spread the word about this, I'd appreciate it.

On a different topic, I'm getting rid of a bunch of keychains I had bought to sell when I was still showing up at Apple Hill. They're Halloween- and horror-themed, and not too spendy. You can head over to eBay to see what I have, but here are a couple of pictures (click on them to be taken to the listing):
 Have a good weekend, guys!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I knew about Chris, but not about Cliff and Jen. Also, I encourage folks to buy wonderful things from Chris at DG Gothic: I have a bunch of tombstone accents on the way. :)


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