Friday, August 8, 2014

Getting the Magic Going!

Load-in to Scare LA went pretty well today! It turns out I have way more stuff than I have space, so my dad and I are borrowing another table from a neighbor to bring in tomorrow. I'll set it up before the show floor opens.
 This guy came by while we were setting up. Look! It's me! :D Totes legit, now! W00T! (Now, if I could only find my doggone banner!)
And my dad and friend Lola were there to help set up, and will be my booth monkeys this weekend. I am so relieved to have extra hands to help out, I can't even tell you! And Lola is a huge fan of all things Hallowe'en, so having her boundless enthusiasm bouncing around in my booth will be great. I'm still nervous about giving my presentation, but by and large, Hallowe'en folks are pretty supportive, so even if I suck, they probably won't throw tomatoes!

Well, off to bed. Big day tomorrow!

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