Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Scare LA Post Mortem

I got home from Scare LA safely yesterday. Wow, what a great show! The coordinators and the volunteers were truly fantastic, checking up with everyone regularly to make sure everything was going alright and to see if we needed anything. The crowd was good both days, though several of the vendors said it was a little thinner compared to last year.

I had more to sell than I ever have before. Apparently working until I fall asleep at my work (which I did, a couple of times) is a method for putting out a lot of pieces in time for a show! My jacks, predictably, sold very well. So well, I know exactly what I need to get to work on if I'm going to have any to sell at Halloween and Vine or in my ShellHawk's Creations Etsy store!

Just as a side note, it's interesting to see how the fine art side of ceramics has influenced and improved my Hallowe'en-themed ceramics. People very definitely notice the difference in the quality of my work versus the junk you can buy at Wal-Mart, particularly in a venue where it can be picked up and held, turned around and experienced. And very few people who do Hallowe'en conventions are aware my fine art has been seen in international art shows or even at the Crocker Art Museum. They just see quality, and they know how it makes them feel, which is happy! That's the best part: the happy!

I have to tell you, the delighted giggles in my booth as people looked at things made me feel really good. I got a lot of love at Scare LA this weekend, and given that when I overwork myself, I get overtired and down in the dumps, the love was just what I needed. One couple came in and bought a bunch of things, and want to commission a set of plates, so hooray for that!
New BFF Eric Pigors, now the proud owner of one of my jacks!
A number of Hallowe'en artists, blog buddies and haunter pals stopped by the booth to say hello, too! Eric Pigors, whose work I've loved and purchased over the years, popped by to see what it is I do, and I was delighted when he was drawn to one of the jacks I made with one long eye and one smaller one. I'd been given a hard time about this particular face, with people saying he only had one eye and they just weren't sure about it, so Eric's choosing of it was very satisfying! He's a sweetheart, and I'm just tickled he owns one of my creations.
Blog buddy and prop-builder extraordinaire, Dave Lowe.
I was so glad to finally meet Dave Lowe in person! He stopped by to introduce himself late on Sunday, and after years of almost meeting, it was great to see him in the flesh. He bought one of my jacks, too, and stuck around awhile to chitchat with me and my dad. I just felt all giddy and fangirl!
Of course, Ape came, too. A number of his pals stopped by to say hi to him. One person even said, "Didn't he go to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show without you this year?" Ape, it seems, is all grown up, with a life of his own!
 As you would expect, there were monsters galore to be seen. I wish I had more pictures, but my booth was pretty busy all weekend, so I only got a few.
An undead Lucy Westrin bellies up to the bar...
Rhode Montijo's booth. Bummed I couldn't meet him, but his wife was lovely and gracious!
My dad, taking in one of the slider shows. Lots of fun!
Such fun! I can't wait until next year!
UPDATE: I got a picture in an article about Scare LA


  1. So happy for you it was a good show. :o )

  2. Congrats on the great show!
    I think I would have peed myself if I got to meet Dave Lowe! Of course I have little to no artistic talent, so that won't ever happen. I'll just live vicariously!


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