Monday, July 13, 2015

Getting Closer!

I'm working like a little fiend, every day, prepping for ScareLA! I'll have some pics for you later on this week of a few of the things you'll be seeing while I'm there, but meanwhile, why don't you take advantage of the special discount code I have in my sidebar when you pick up some tickets for the show?

As I've mentioned before, ScareLA has been steadily growing since its inception, and this year will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center. I'll be teaching a class -- which is full! EEK! -- while I'm there, too!

I've been upping my marketing game this year, as well. I got hang tags printed, in the name of preserving my sanity! Don't they look great?
David Everett of Chicken Lips was kind enough to design them for me. I really love them!

I have other things in the works, as well. We'll see how it all goes. I do have to admit, though, these days I feel a bit like I'm juggling chainsaws...


  1. I think the tags look great, very professional.

  2. Thanks! Honestly, I love how they came out, and it saves me a lot of labor, doing it myself!


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