Monday, July 20, 2015

Hauntcast Post Mortem: Rigamortis

The new episode of Hauntcast has dropped!

HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: Mark Muncy crashes the dungeon to converse with Chris about Halloween, haunting and the Hellview Cemetery.
THEATER OF THE MIND: “Fear is modular”, Really? Rev seems to think any theme can be combined with any other theme in a haunt if the transitions are done well.
MARKETING MORGUE: The Dark Lord tears down the walls that separate you from your potential haunt patrons.
GHOULIE GROOVES: Break out the fiddle and put on your shit kickers as the Barnyard Stompers fire up the hoedown.
CHARMED POT: The Mistress of Mayhem puts on her bifocals and focuses in on her Summer reading list.
PROP SHOP: Denny unmasks the making of… well, uh… masks, silicone and latex.
SHOCKTAILS: JT and Chris cannonball their moonshine jug while incoherently blathering about movies Stung, Drownsman and Bound to Vengeance .

As some folks were asking for links to the reading list I recommended, here it is:
Hi, Darklings. As promised, here is the list of downloads and books from my latest Charmed Pot segment. Enjoy your reading!
                The free Kindle App for PC and Mac can be found here. You can also find the free download for your Droid or iPhone in the Google Play store. If you click here, you can get the search results for free horror books to get you started.
                You can find the kindle editions of The Shining, Rosemary's Baby, and The Haunting of Hill House by clicking on their titles, along with a paperback edition option.
                October Dreams II: A Celebration of Halloween can be found here, at Cemetery Dance Publications. The first book, October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween, can be found here.
                Dark Harvest and Johnny Halloween: Tales of the Dark Season can be found by clicking on their titles.
                The Haunted Mansion: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies can be found here. The Art of the Haunted Mansion can be found here.
                Trick 'R Treat, the graphic novel is here. For Trick 'R Treat: Tales of Mischief, Mystery and Mayhem is here. Trick 'R Treat: Days of the Dead, due for release on October 6th, is here.
Each of the following titles is linked, so just click on the one you're interested in.
Four Octobers.The Passage.The Twelve.The Death Sonnets.Halloween: Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre.Enjoy your readings, my darklings! There's so much juicy stuff to choose from!
Bloody Kisses,
The Mistress of Mayhem

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