Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Took Off Work to Stay Home and Work

There's something inherently wrong with that statement. It's probably a uniquely American statement, too.

It's true, though. I took an extra day off so I could get out into the studio (and catch up on business phone calls) and make more things for ScareLA and my other shows, too. (Has anyone noticed that when you have a to-do list, the to-do-ing takes longer than expected, every time? Ugh!) 

I managed to get a few "official" pictures taken of completed pieces, too. I have many more to do, though, including the annual jack-o'-lantern mug shot.
 I did get caught up on sleep, which was long overdue. But all good things do end, so it was back to my early mornings and work yesterday. Tomorrow, I get to open the kiln and maybe Thursday, I can get a Raku firing in. That would be fabulous!

No rest for the weary!

1 comment:

  1. Your work is amazing! Hopefully using an off day to do creative work changed up the week a bit.

    I took a vacation this week to tour cemeteries to help inspire a course I'm developing on dark tourism... So technically it is work but it's fun too.


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