Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Halloween and Vine: The AFTERMATH!

Ok, not much of an "aftermath," but it sounded so dramatic, I couldn't resist!

Prepping for Halloween and Vine was the usual chaos and long days. Neighbors stepped up to help me with my inventory process and to help pack my things away in bins. I managed to get a sign painted--mostly.
 In the end, I didn't have the time to put the thorns in, but that'll get done soon.

After setting up on Friday, Mr. ShellHawk and I went to the artists dinner. This year, we were lucky enough to have Sonoma Tintype there to take our pictures if we wanted!
He brought costumes along, or you could wear your own. Below, Annie Libertini wears a mask of her own making.
The tintype turned out really creepy! 
 Her husband, Michael, sat for a portrait, too!
 I can't recommend Sonoma Tintype enough! Just beautiful work!
Meanwhile, there was schmoozing and dinner to be had!

 And we got to see each others' booths set up before they were emptied out by avid collectors!
Chicken Lips had a big, beautiful display this year. I really wanted the little ghost twins, but unfortunately, they were gone by the time I had a chance to look up from my own booth!
I sold a bunch of jacks this time. And I had a couple of people tell me they specifically came to the show to see me! Wow! Some folks came out who have been collecting my things since the old Apple Hill days, if you can believe it! 
During a lull, I got out of the booth to walk around and see a few other people's displays, including this one, by Zombie Nose. Such a talent!
Time for a quick selfie...
 Artist Jorge de Rojas of Hohohalloween made the Halloween lantern to hang from the chandelier. It was beautiful! And he is just a spectacular human, too, by the way.

I wish I had gotten more pictures of the different artists and their wares, but I just didn't get the time.
Then it was time to pack up and say goodbye until next year, except for a small after party, at which I saw this amazing find:
So jealous to see one of these with all of the cups and the original cork!

Well, Halloween and Vine never ceases to exceed my expectations, I must say. The show coordinators are wonderful, passionate about Halloween and keeping the show filled with nice people who are the most talented artists they can find. No drama, just great fun and great art!

On to the next show, at Oak Park Brewing Company in Sacramento, for Second Saturday!

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