Sunday, September 6, 2015

Halloween Art by Bob Lizarraga

When I was at ScareLA, I spent some time connecting with other Hallowe'en artists. And spending money on their art!

One of those people is Bob Lizarraga

I've loved his art from the moment I first saw it, and finally, I have a print of the very first piece of his I ever saw!
Bob was even gracious enough to sign it for me! Thanks, Bob!

I took it over to Aaron Brothers (we don't have any small art stores here in town to do this kind of work) to get it (and all my other ill-gotten gains from the show) framed. I got them all back this week, and man, was I happy with how they all turned out! The picture above doesn't do justice to how the colors really pop with the matting, or how the gold mat brings out his signature, which was done in gold paint pen.

After Hallowe'en, and by that I mean, "after all the bins which are making it impossible to walk into my office are put away," I plan to look for some shorter, longer bookcases so I have more wall space to hang my art on.

I can't wait to share the others with you!

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