Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekend Shenanigans, Part 2

After I drove back from Sacramento, I had to stop by Lowe's to pick up some parts for a project I'm working on for my Halloween and Vine booth. I was delighted to walk in and find that Halloween had come to Lowe's, too! Someone had even taken one of their little headless dishes and put a jack-o'-lantern head on it, making a cute little creep who looked like he was ready to find himself some candy!  

 I also needed to pop by Joanne's to pick up a couple of small things. Home Goods is right next door, so I popped in to see if they had their Halloween stuff in, yet. They did, and man! They have some really great offerings this year!
I really wanted this guy, but I had no idea where I would put him.
I was in snow globe heaven! Lots of them to see this time around.
 This ghost looked like the father of my mini-boos, standing at about two and a half feet tall! I wanted him, too, but again, no place to put him. :(
 And oh, the lanterns this year are gorgeous! I may go back and grab one to add to my collection...
They look like proper ladies, waiting to go to church, don't they?
He looked very Tim Burton-esque to me. Charming and whimsical!
After an hour or two of going through the Hallowe'en aisles with a fine-tooth comb, I made my selections and brought them home.

 I fell in love with this little bat, who hangs upside down from a chain. Inside is a place to put a tea candle! 
 I went a bit nuts with the snow globes, I have to say. But I'm not sorry!
I was happy to find this Headless Horseman snow globe, as I missed out a couple of years ago!
This guy reminded me a bit of Stewie, so of course I had to bring him home!

Part three tomorrow!


  1. Love the pumpkin display at Lowe's! So cute! And your HomeGoods has some awesome stuff! There are some pieces you found that I have been hunting for and haven't yet found. Fantastic finds and thanks for sharing!

  2. Your Lowe's has a lot more goodies than mine! You have some self control - I got the headless horseman from Home Goods a couple years ago and he totally doesn't go with anything in my house. He's awesome, but he stands out oddly.


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