Monday, September 17, 2018

Horror Made Here!

I got an unexpected email the other day, mixed in with all the daily detritus which seems to always stay annoyingly ahead of my "unsubscribe" capabilities.

At first, I thought it was a mistake, but nope! It was addressed to me, and it seems a real, live (undead?) person was on the other end, generating it, not a bot.

The subject line:
INVITE: Warner Bros. Studio Tour HORROR MADE HERE - Press Night 10/3
Yup. A legit invitation to Warner Brothers Horror Made Here haunt tour!

Now, I don't normally go to haunts unless it's at a convention. I mean to go, I really do! But somehow, the last ten years, I haven't managed to go once the doors open and the scares are officially up and running. I could never find someone to go with and somehow, it didn't seem as fun an idea, going by myself.

This time, however, I am the press, and it is my job to go, get scared, have fun, and report back to all of you! I will throw myself on that grenade, just for you! ;)

From the invitation:
We hope you can join us for a sneak peek of the return of Pennywise in our reimagined It Knows What Scares You maze and debut of the sinister institution from Batman: Arkham Asylum. This year’s Horror Made Here will also feature a blood-curdling maze from The Conjuring Universe, a diabolical viewing of The Exorcist, an eerie tour through Freddy vs. Jason’s Camp Crystal Lake, and much more. Horror Made Here will begin on October 5, 2018, allowing fans to face their biggest fears for 13 nights.
You had me at "It!" And Tim Burton. And The Lost Boys retro arcade!

October 3 cannot come soon enough!

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