Tuesday, September 11, 2018

That's FRANK-enstein!

"By Thy Hand and Will"
Acrylic and oil on canvas board

Kathleen Sanders
"Frankenstein's Monster & His Bride"
Colored pencil on Strathmore paper

Hanzel Haro
"I Am Thy Creature"
Oil on Masonite
200 years!

It's hard to believe, but it's been 200 years since that rainy afternoon Mary Shelley was challenged to write what became, arguably, the first science fiction novel ever written.
In celebration, artist Chogrin curated this show at the Corey Helford Gallery in downtown Los Angeles decided to create a 100 artist group show, dedicated to all the aspects of Frankenstein.
Jared Circusbear
Polymer Clay, Polyvinyl acetate, acrylic

Chad Wehrle
"The Monster of Berry"
Graphite drawing
From the gallery's Facebook page:

Featuring new works by Akihito, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Andrea Blasich, Andy Stattmiller, Anthony Vukojevich, Ashly Lovett, Augie Pagan, Bennett Slater, Bob Doucette, Brendon Flynn, Brian Ewing, Brianna Angelakis, Caitlin McCormack, Carly Janine Mazur, Celeste Moreno, Chet Philips, CHOGRIN, Damian Fulton, Dan Litzinger, Dave Pryor, David Natale, Dean Hopkins, Dienzo, Dos Diablos, Drake Brodahl, Emily Connell, Eric Gonzalez, Erik Alos, Eugene Kaik, Evan Lopez, Geoff Trapp, Glenn Barr, Gris Grimly, Hanna Jaeun, Hanzel Haro, James Groman, Jared Circusbear, Jason Chalker, Jason Hernandez, Jesse Riggle, Jim McKenzie, Jimi Martinez, John A. Nissen III, Justin Gammon, Kasey Tarauj, Kathleen Sanders, Kristina Drake, Lauren Saxton, Lori Herbst, Macsorro, Marc Scheff, Mark Covell, MaryAnn Held, Matt Richie, Mike Mignola, Miles Ritchie, Mizna Wada, Naoshi, Nathan Anderson, Nicole Bruckman, Orlando Arocena, Patch, Pedro Delgado, Rafa Toro , Rebecca Yanovskaya, Robot Soda, Rodolfo Loaiza, Ryan Bartlett, Sean Xenos, Sugar Fueled, The Beast Brothers,Tomas Hjio, Veks Van Hillik and more

COREY HELFORD GALLERY571 S Anderson St (Enter on Willow St)Los Angeles, CA 90033(310) 287-2340

Andy Stattmiller
"Young Frankenstein Nesting Dolls"
Acrylic on wood

Brianna Angelakis
"The Bride"
Oil on canvas

Art friend and fave, Bob Lizarraga, evoked a wistful feeling in his painting, "Frankendaisies."
Bob Lizarraga
Acrylic on panel

Damian Fulton
"Search for Salvation"
Oil on canvas

Sean Xenos
Polymer clay, acrylic, small metal scrap and wood

David Igo
"The Monster"
Graphite and china marker on wood

Kristina Drake
Epoxy clay and resin with custom made electronics

Mike Mignola
"Frankenstein's Monster (With Leaves)" 
Ink wash and watercolor on cold press illustration board

Rodolfo Loaiza
"Green Life"
Oil on canvas

Eric Gonzalez
"Power Couple"
Acrylic on wood
It's hard to choose a favorite, but the pic above is certainly in my top five!
Rafa Toro
"Frankenwedding Cake Topper"
Paper maché, fabric and wood

Bennett Slater
"It Has Never Lived. I Created It"
Oil on wood

Left: David Natale
"Humanity Weeping"
Oil on paper mounted to panel
Right: Glenn Barr
Acrylic on wood
Shows like this remind me of the wonders hidden away in the most unlikely places in Los Angeles. Wonderfully curated, thoughtfully exhibited, and with a wonderful spark in the air!

It . Is. Alive!

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