Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Williams Sonoma Halloween!

Just a gore-geous selection of Hallowe'en treats over at Williams-Sonoma!

They really outdid themselves this year, and man, oh, MAN! Do I wish I could go wild and buy a huge amount of it?

You know I do!

I am head over heels for the vintage Hallowe'en postcard designs they've put on their cups, plates, glasses, and tablecloths! Those designs are truly timeless and I seriously doubt you'd ever want to get rid of them in a garage sale!

One of the positive things about my current situation is that since I don't have my own dishes, kitchenware, etc., any longer, I can take my time in choosing replacements. While I do so love my vintage Coca-Cola bottle opener, this skull opener is pretty darn sweet, too!
What's great is that not only do they have fun Hallowe'en items for you to use for your home, they've taken the time (again) to get some seasonally appropriate recipes together! It's really handy to peruse if you're looking to up your game in the entertaining department. Most of them look elegant, yet seem to be simple enough to make.
If baking is more your thing, they've got you covered there, too! These Hallowe'en surprise sugar cookies make me want to cheat on my diet!
And I could serve them on these cute skeleton plates!

It really makes me miss my yearly Hallowe'en parties!


  1. I've had my eye on that skull bottle opener for a couple of years now. We've been working on main repairs on the house for what seems like forever now. We haven't even begun the decorating phase, but we are getting closer. We have so much decor and things in totes that are waiting to come out be seen and enjoyed. We had to slow down our purchases until we are actually ready to decorate the house. It will be so nice to finally stop living in a construction zone.

    1. It's going to be worth it once all the dust settles! I'm excited for you!

  2. A friend bought me that Skull bottle opener years ago. I mounted it on the back of one of my cemetery columns, so I can drink beer as i set up the display ;)

    1. Now that, my friend, is a friend worth keeping! :)


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