Saturday, October 3, 2020

Submitted for Your Approval...

"House with Ghost"
I know I've posted about the showing of Tom Wright's Night Gallery paintings back when Creature Features was still over on Magnolia in Burbank, but I thought that maybe a few of these images would give you some spooky happiness for this, the most wonderful of months! Perhaps you'll want something old-school creepy to see during the shorter, cooler days of Fall, and will look into The Night Gallery series. It's most certainly worth a re-watch!

"The House"
As I mentioned before, I'm so impressed with how Wright changed styles for each painting, to make it seem as if a different artist painted each one. He started out the series painting oils on canvas, then they moved him on to Masonite and acrylics.
"The Funeral"
As happens in the studios, many of these paintings were just thrown away after the project ended. I heard that someone went dumpster-diving and rescued some of them, but others were forever lost. Still others were sold by Universal Studios and reside in private collections.
"Logodas Heads"
I find them so artistically inspiring. The textures are masterfully created and the mood evoked by each of them are so unique.
"The Dark Boy"

I hope you take the opportunity to track down some of the episodes of this startlingly creepy TV series this month. You'll be glad you did!

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